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by Valentini Anagnostopoulou

PATRAS, Greece, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Despite the rainy weather, thousands of masqueraders and spectators have flooded the streets of Patras, in Western Greece, at the climax of the city's Carnival, Greece's biggest.

The vibrant parade on Sunday, which lasted for six hours and followed a four-km route through the city center, opened with the Municipality's band, which set the festive pace, and the impressive floats of Carnival King and Queen.

The country's severe economic crisis, commented with humor and satire, was at the spotlight of the parade's opening "Float of Inequality".

What followed was a massive, cheerful crowd of more than 30,000 dancing carnivalists of all ages, who encouraged everyone to join in to the sound of upbeat music and spread a message of joy and hope, despite the harsh times Greeks are going through.

"The Carnival is our happiness; it is our optimism and power. We will be here every year to show people that there is still hope," Katerina told Xinhua, as she paraded down Korinthou street.

Organized in 126 different themed groups and featuring their own 29 elaborate carnival floats, the masqueraders drew their inspiration from current political affairs, social concerns and all-time carnival classics.

Patras boasts a 175-year-old carnival tradition. The city's Carnival lasts approximately one month, spanning from the end of January to the beginning of fast, and features a wide range of events, such as masquerade balls, parades, hidden treasure hunts and the children's carnival, transforming the city into a huge scene.

For the majority of the city's residents, the Carnival is the absolute highlight of the whole year, for which they prepare massively and actively during several months, regardless of their age or social background, preparing their own costumes and floats with artistry and ingenuity.

For Fotis and Maria Mavropoulos, a couple in their 80s, the Carnival is a family affair. When they were younger they used to take part in the parade every year. "Now we are here to cheer our children and grandchildren," Mavropoulos said.

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