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One of the favorite gifts that Charisma, 17, has gotten from a fan of her Web site was a “Fantasia” DVD trilogy. It was just what she wanted, because she’d asked for it on her Amazon wish list.

But that’s nothing compared to the loot that a fellow “cam girl” friend has raked in off of hers: “Somebody bought her a really nice digital camera, a graphing calculator and a $100 gift certificate Jonathan Toews Youth Jersey ,” Charisma says. Sheila, 18, got a new $129 webcam, while “Katneko,” 19 Duncan Keith Youth Jersey , raked in teen reading classics like “Catcher in the Rye,” “Of Mice and Men,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” plus a Depeche Mode CD, a scanner and a $250 gift certificate to the site Fetish Factory.

The gifts came from total strangers and online friends alike Patrick Kane Youth Jersey , people the girls had gotten to know through their Web sites. Katneko’s younger sister, 15-year-old Brandi, was so impressed by all of the goodies arriving at their home from people the girls had never met in person that Brandi set up a personal page on her big sis’s site so she could beg for her own loot. Brandi’s pages bear this label: “underaged piece of ass.” (Her sister quickly points out that this is a joke.) Among Brandi’s heart’s desires on her wish list: four Sailor Moon dolls.

Teen webcams have met the e-commerce version of the wedding registry – the wish list. And the result of this virtual marriage is an online beg-fest that makes it easy to take candy from strangers on the Internet. Kids as young as 15 are getting into the act of asking for handouts online – toy and books and CDs and, of course, webcams – so their online fans can get an even better look at them.

“I don’t think that it’s weird that people I don’t know buy things for me Marian Hossa Womens Jersey ,” writes the 17-year-old who calls herself “Perfekt” on her Web site. “They’re gifts, and like all great things, acceptable. ” Even so, Perfekt got so much booty from her fans that she has since taken down her wish list: “A lot of people were very generous – too generous in my opinion – around the holidays and the guilt was too much for me to swallow.”

Cam sites range from simple photo galleries to elaborate diaries and art projects; some have live cameras and others just feature stills captured from video cameras. They’re as diverse as the girls who develop them – and, in the grand tradition of their ancestor Gustav Forsling Womens Jersey , Jennicam, they offer a strange mixture of distance and intimacy. There are cam boys too, but – chalk it up to hetero-horndogging – it’s girls who rule in the popularity game of the cam portals, gathering fan clubs and shaking down gifts.

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