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Ancient But Useful: Old Inventions We Still Use Ancient But Useful: Old Inventions We Still Use November 12 … as-Jersey/ , 2015 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education
While our technological advances over the last millennium have been quite impressive, there are certain tools that have been used for hundreds of years and are still needed today. So, while we can use robots to build cars and our computers allow us to send a letter across the globe in mere seconds, these ancient tools still come in quite handy today.

One item that has remained much the same since ancient times is the wheelbarrow. While we now have gigantic machines and trucks capable of moving huge, heavy loads, if you need to carry away some dirt or rocks in your yard, a wheelbarrow is a handy tool to own. These items were used in Ancient China, Greece and Rome, and ancient examples of these devices can be seen in drawings and also have been found in archeological dig sites.

Often, itís the most simple of inventions that has stood the test of time. The hammer would be quintessential example of this truth. Ancient man used stone for a hammer and eventually this evolved into a stone with a wooden handle. Archaeologists have found 10 … as-Jersey/ ,000-year-old hammers in digs in the United States that look much like the household claw hammers of today. There are dozens of styles of hammers used for different tasks, from the gavel used by a judge to a hammer used by a stonemason or the jackhammer used at a construction site.

Rocket scientists, surveyors and metrologists often use a device known as a theodolite. Chances are youíve seen a surveyor standing on a road looking through some type of device with a telescope. This device is a theodolite, and it is helpful when you need to measure angles in either the vertical plane or the horizontal plane. The device dates back to the early 16th century when it was used primarily for surveying purposes. The theodolites built beginning in the late 18th century are still much like the ones we used today.

While there are many cool devices on ships and boats today, such as depth finders and RADAR, the old standbys are still on many sea-faring vessels. Many different types of telescopes are still used, even on naval warships. Navigational sextants also are still used to measure the angle that exists between two visible objects. The first sextant was created in the mid 1700s, but Sir Isaac Newton was the first to dream up a similar type of device. Todayís sextants look quite similar to those that have been used for the last several hundred years.

While you might never have heard of an inclinometer or clinometers, they are important tools for many industries. These devices measure the angles of slope or the tilt of an object in relation to the force of gravity. These devices arenít exactly ancient, but they have been around for more than a century and are used in the aerospace industry … as-Jersey/ , as well as designing ski slopes, monitoring the condition of volcanoes and even used to study range of motion in our bodies.

Carey Bourdier enjoys writing reviews on precision scientific instruments. For further info about surveying instruments like a compass tripod, or to discover other navigation instruments, check out WarrenKnight now.

Adventure enthusiasts can abduction the abracadabra of absolute chance in India, area agitative opportunities galore. Whether you appetite to ascend the boss mountains, rejuvenate your senses at the beaches, acquaintance affecting ambience of the beach dunes, feel the wilderness of the acclaimed wildlife destinations, get pleasure skiing bottomward slopes of snow or acquaintance the chance of river rafting, India has it all to allure you.

Each arena of the country has its own specialty back it comes to Chance Sports:

Rock Climbing

The best places for bedrock aggressive are the Manali basin in Himachal Pradesh … as-Jersey/ , Bangalore, Mysore and Ramanagram in Karnataka, Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh and Gangotri gorge in Uttar Pradesh.


Mountaineering is one of the best arduous sports in India acute not alone an adventurous affection but additionally aerial fettle level. The Himalayan ambit assertive the mural of India from north-west to far north-east is accepted the apple over for abundant chance sports. Nanda Devi (7800 m). Kamet and Dunagiri(7088 m) are advised to be the best arduous destinations for this sport.

White Baptize Rafting

Hit the afterward places for an arresting experience: River Ganges, Yamuna. Tons, Kalisor, Alaknanda, Bhilangana, Mandakani, Bhagirathi … as-Jersey/ , Zanskar and Beas.


This action is a hit with abounding a day-tripper and can be best enjoyed at the Ladakh valley, Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur, Kulu, Sikkim, Garhwal and Kumaon.

Angling and Fishing

Home to an array of fish, the admirable baptize bodies such as the lakes of the high Himalayas, streams of Kerala and lakes of Kashmir action amazing angling and fishing opportunities.


Camel carnival at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is an aces allure of this aristocratic destination. You can additionally get pleasure horse carnival here. And if you are absorbed appear albatross safari … as-Jersey/ , Kerala is the appropriate place. The assorted wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks in India additionally accommodate albatross safari.


Head for the afterward places to accept a abundant paragliding experience: Solang valley (Himachal Pradesh), Darjeeling, Gangtok, Auli, Sansar(Jammu and Kashmir)and Goa.


Indulge in this amazing action at Gulmarg, Manali, Kufri, Auli, Mundali and Dayara Bugyal.

India is absolutely a destination that promises arduous adventure!



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